initial consultation

In our first meeting together, we will take an hour or so to discuss what has brought you to seek out coaching, what goals you are trying to achieve, and how I may be able to help you. 


Typical sessions last 60 minutes and occur 2-3 times per month. Although these can happen in person, most often these sessions occur via phone call or online meetings (FaceTime or Skype) at a time convenient for you and your schedule.


Initial consultation: $25


Option A: Three 60 minute sessions per month for $225

Option B: 9 hours of coaching to be used in increments you choose for $585

Quick check-ins via text/phone between meetings are included in the fees above

Types of Coaching

Personal Relationships

Learn to experience the type of relationship you deserve. Know that you have a tremendous amount of control over what your relationship feels like, whether it's with your spouse, ex-spouse, kids, or work relationships.


My former husband and I are friends, our kids are well adjusted happy human beings, and we have both found wonderful new partners. Just as good relationships take work, so do good divorces. Whether you are still contemplating, or are already knee deep in it, I am here to support and guide you.

Dating After Divorce

Spending too much money and time online, and on wasted dinners and dead end conversations? Sick of getting advice from your married friends? I will help you navigate this world and find the relationship you deserve.

Blending Families

You thought finding love again was hard! Blending families can be even harder. Your reactions and mere presence can make a huge difference. Together we can work through the challenges that come with a new and bigger family.

Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

Seems like there are hurdles after hurdles to overcome. Tackle each one at a time, be held accountable, and create the business and life you want. You can have balance.

Catch Your Current

Let's figure this out, together. 

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