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Life doesn't know where it's going, until you tell it where to go


We all find ourselves at some point in our lives feeling stuck. Our personal relationships and work can be the two most significant areas that can really impact how we feel in general. We may start both of these with just the faintest idea of what we are really getting ourselves into. I know, because I've been there in both. I have been through a divorce. I have started this business after a long career in finance. Both of these changes were not what I saw for myself as a 23-year-old engaged college graduate. 

Something different may be what you need. Or, maybe you are exactly where you need to be. Only you know that. And having someone who is not emotionally invested in what you decide, and is trained to help you, can be just what you need.

No matter where you are right at this moment,

it does not have to define where it is you are going.

About me: Beth Crowell


I completed life coach training through the WholeBeing Institute's Positive Psychology Coaching Program. I am also a certified Peerspectives Group Facilitator through the Edward Lowe Foundation, and a certified Financial Coach through the United Way. I was business lender for 12 years at a community bank in WI and a regional Revolving Loan Fund, am a certified Economic Development Finance Professional, and I was named 2017 Business Woman of the Year by the Women's Business Center at WDEOC. I'm a mom to 2 kids, 3 step kids, 3 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, married to 1 amazing guy, and a lover of music, coffee, and figuring things out. 

About halfway into my 13-year long first marriage, it was in serious trouble and I was in a job that felt like a place holder. I went into therapy, and started reading everything I could find about successful relationships. After years of learning about them, and maybe even more importantly, learning about myself, I decided to end my marriage. Eventually I met my husband Jeff and began to feel what stability in a relationship felt like again. But happiness still eluded me. The culprit? My career. I had taken a new job that was not well-suited for me and I felt stuck. I knew I was good at helping friends and colleagues work through challenges, and loved doing it! I started to explore how I could do what I love and also use my experience in helping people start businesses. I became trained as a life coach and am here to help you.

Why work with me?


Because you want to be heard and not judged.

Because everybody deserves healthy relationships, and you have more control over the quality of your relationships than you realize.

Because you've always dreamed of owning your own business, and are thinking now is the time to really explore that.

Because I have the background and training to help you reach your goals. I am ready, and you are too!


Coaching Services

My goal is to get you where you want to be and support you along the way. Click below to find out more about what coaching is.

coaching services


As most of my career has been in the financial industry working with small business, I also do business and entrepreneurial coaching. Through Sounding Boards and one-on-one coaching I can help you identify what your goal or goals are, what is stopping you from reaching those goals, and how you can overcome obstacles. Peerspectives roundtables provide peer-to-peer mentoring to target specific obstacles where you can learn from others that are or have been in the same boat as you, lead by a trained and certified facilitator (me!).

sounding board groups


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